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How to Implement Cybersecurity as a Small Business?

With the introduction of the internet, businesses of all sizes and locations can now access a broader market and operate with a more efficient and optimized workflow using computer-based tools. However, with this new way of doing business comes new threats. Therefore, whether a company is full-on cloud computing or using a SaaS offering like email, cybersecurity must be a part of the implementation.

Digital theft of intellectual information has become the most common form of theft today. Every business that utilizes computer-based tools and the internet is responsible for a security culture that enhances company and customer confidence. Companies must establish a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to facilitate this culture.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to a body of technology, processes, and practices designed to protect networks and systems from unauthorized access or unlawful use.

Here are a few cybersecurity tips to assist small businesses in developing their strategy.

Ensure employees are adequately trained on the security principles of the company. Reinforce that training annually.

  1. Develop daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance and procedures to protect your company's information, network, and computers from cyber threats.

  2. Develop a plan of action for mobile devices in your organization.

  3. Establish physical security controls for computers and network devices in your organization.

  4. Use a user authentication service such as Active Directory for user access.

  5. Protect your network by implementing a firewall device between the public internet and your company's network.

  6. Establish an off-site data backup plan.

  7. Apply industry-standard security controls to Wi-Fi networks.

  8. Employ least privilege protocols to employee data and information access. Restrict administrator and power user accounts as well as the ability to install software.

  9. Establish a comprehensive password and authentication plan which includes password complexity, life cycle, and multifactor authentication.

At eSabers, LLC, we specialize in providing our clients with industry-standard cybersecurity strategies. Let our team develop, deploy, and maintain your company's cybersecurity program.

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