IT Services

eSabers Managed IT Services allows a business to leverage our team of certified IT experts to handle their day-to-day IT service requirements. Keeping an IT environment running at optimal and efficient performance requires constant attention and a staff of highly skilled IT professionals. 




Lower Cost

One of the ultimate benefits of using a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) is the ability to lower business costs. An MSP mitigates most of the risk of unpredictable hardware failures or service outages, which can cost organizations money and reputation and eliminate the cost of an in-house IT staff. 


Leveling The Playing Field

Unlike larger companies and corporations, small-midsize businesses may not have the budget for a robust IT department. The ability to outsource an MSP level that playing field. 


Proactive IT Environment

Outsourcing your IT allows your company to be more proactive towards its IT efforts, enabling better performance, nearly zero downtime, and fewer systemic problems. 


Stay Focused on Business

Using our Managed IT Services affords your company the time to focus on its core business tasks while leveraging our expertise for your company's IT requirements. 

Our Service Offerings

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Server Management

  • Server administration

  • Deployment & Configuration

  • Performance monitoring

  • Maintenance


Workstation Management

  • Workstation administration

  • Deployment & Configuration

  • User performance monitoring

  • Patch management

  • Image development


Network Management

  • Network administration

  • Deployment & Configuration

  • Performance monitoring

  • Maintenance


Cyber Security

  • Network protection

  • Network vulnerability testing

  • Server\Workstation security


Data Storage

  • Storage management

  • Data availability

  • Storage monitoring and administration

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IT Service Desk Support

  • Tier 1-3 Service Desk support

  • Remote & On-Premises support