Home Internet Security


Recently, there has been a severe increase in viruses, malware, and other security threats. Ensuring your family is safe while transversing the internet and securing your data on your home computer is paramount. 


Most of us believe that we will not be the ones to visit an unsafe website or click on a link in a suspicious email, but the truth is, we don't always know what is safe from what is not. Hackers and scammers have become highly sophisticated with their methods of deception, and it has become even more difficult to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. 


At eSabers, we ensure that our client's home networks are secure by providing Home Internet Security services and online safety education. 




  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Network-based defense methods and controls

  • Install network protection hardware

  • Think before your click eduction for your entire family

  • Social media security and utilization education

  • Suspicious link training

  • Children safe Internet browsing implementations